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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Special Features

Infamous gate leading to Auschwitz-Birkenau.My name is Yechiel Michoel Friedman. I was murdered in Auschwitz and don’t you ever forget me.

This speech was delivered by Benjamin Brafman, Esq. on Yom HaShoah.

I did not survive – I was murdered at Auschwitz.

My name is Yechiel Michoel Friedman. I was “murdered” at Auschwitz. I did not die at Auschwitz. I was “murdered” at Auschwitz.

None of you know me. None of the people in this room have ever met me; not even my own grandson, Ben Brafman, who many of you know, has ever met me. I have authorized my grandson to speak for me tonight, but this is not his speech. It is my speech. My grandson speaks for me, because although I was murdered, I was not silenced. You must be reminded of my life and of my murder – not my death – my murder

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Yom Hazikaron ceremony in memory of fallen IDF soldiers at Mt. Herzl, May 9, 2011. Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO.Hundreds of Israeli flags are in place; the Air Force has been rehearsing its formation fly-by routine for days; platforms and sound systems stand ready in the main squares in town; groups of tourists mill about and there’s a discernible festive air. But before Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations of the nation’s 65th birthday take place on April 16, Israel has to pay tribute to those who fell in battles and terror attacks that continue to claim lives even until today.

Officially known as Fallen

19-year-old Lina Mahoul hopes her win will lead to a more open, accepting society.Lina Mahoul is a name the Israeli public will hear repeatedly thanks to her recent win of The Voice Israel television song contest. The 19-year-old Arab Christian from the northern town of Acre (Akko) sang a touching version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ to take the coveted title.

Mahoul was one of four finalists in the contest’s second season. The three other women included a religious Jew, an Ethiopian and a Sephardi.

Mahoul, who also won a recording contract, told Israeli television that

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has managed to remain in his position for nearly two decades, despite the corruption surrounding himThe latest series of corruption scandals involving statewide elected officials has allegedly prompted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to seek the ouster of long-time Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. As reported by the New York Post, Cuomo and his associates feel that Silver has allowed corruption in the statehouse to fester needlessly for two decades – creating a dysfunctional atmosphere in the process – and are even considering an upstate legislator as his replacement.

The governor is said to

Seven decades after the Holocaust, the Berlin Jewish Museum asks Jewish men or women to sit in a glass box and answer questions from visitors about Judaism. Photo Credit: © Jüdisches Museum Berlin, photo: Linus Lintner.Almost 70 years after the Holocaust, the Jewish Museum in Berlin is fending off criticism for hosting an exhibit, “The Whole Truth, everything you wanted to know about Jews,” which asks Jewish men and women to sit in a glass box and answer questions by visitors about Jews and Judaism.

Adolf Hitler’s Nazi government planned and executed the murder of six million Jews by 1945. Today “a lot of our visitors don’t know any Jews and have questions they want to ask,” said museum official Tina Luedecke