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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Omer Cohen, pictured here at the New Zealand Ironman triathlon.Omer Cohen, an Israeli-born athlete who helps others keep in shape through his Miami Beach fitness training business, made an impressive showing last month in the grueling Ironman competition held in Israel. The longest triathlon in the world, the event consisted of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle race, and a 26.2-mile marathon run, all held consecutively.

“The Ironman triathlon is held in different countries,” the 36-year-old Cohen explains, “and the one in Israel – which was held in Eilat – is one of the most challenging of them all. In particular, the bike race there takes longer than any other Ironman bike race, because it covers mountainous terrain and climbs all the way up to 15 degrees in height. Only a few athletes are able to

“In a country that prides itself on fairness, surely the punishment should fit the crime,” said Florida Catholic Bishop Charles Leigh. “Mr. Pollard has already served more time than any reasonable court would demand.”The Florida Republican Primary, on Tuesday, January 31, may give hope to Jonathan Pollard in his quest for presidential clemency and release from prison after more than 26 years of incarceration.

The state’s top Catholic leader, Bishop Chuck Leigh, of the Apostolic Catholic Church in Tampa urged the Republican candidates to push for his release. Bishop Leigh serves as President of the board of the Florida Council of Churches and is on the governing board of the National Council of Churches in Christ.

Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz attended the annual Israel Bonds conference on Sunday, and advised attendees that investing in Israel was a mutually beneficial undertaking.In its annual conference held in Miami on Sunday night, Israel Bonds, also known as the Development Corporation for Israel (DCI), raised a record sum of $225 million. The DCI, established shortly after the founding of the State of Israel, has raised $33.4 billion since 1951 and “proved itself as an organization that reacts rapidly to an increase in the government’s foreign exchange requirements,” according to an article entitled “Fifty Years of External Finance via State of Israel

Mitt Romney vetoed a proposal as governor to grant $600,000 in additional funds to supply kosher food to Jewish nursing-home residents in Massachusetts.In a state saturated with elderly Jews, Newt Gingrich sought to rally the support of Floridians ahead of the January 31 primary by citing the “religiously insensitive” gubernatorial moves made by Mitt Romney during his years in office.

“Let me note in passing that Romney as governor imposed on Catholic hospitals provisions against their religious strictures and Romney as governor eliminated kosher food from retired Jewish senior citizens on Medicaid and he has no understanding of the importance

The Boca Raton SynagogueFor years, Kollel in Israel has been the flagship of NCSY Summer Programs, with boys in grades 9-12, almost exclusively with a yeshiva background, combining textual study and leisure activities under the summer sun.

What’s good in the summer can also be good in the winter – as long as there is sun.  This week, from Sunday, January 22 to Sunday, January 29, NCSY is presenting “Winter Kollel,” taking place in South Florida, centered around Boca Raton and the Boca Raton Synagogue, a member shul of