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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Mario Modiano, a Jewish-Greek writer who chronicled some of the most turbulent times of modern Greek history, died November 26 in Athens. He was 86.

Modiano was born in Salonica, Greece in 1926 to Sam and Nella (nee Tchenio) Modiano. His family came from a long line of rabbis whose ancestor, Rabbi Samuel Modillano, moved from Italy to Salonica sometime in the mid-16th century. Sam Modiano was a prolific writer who joined forces with Avram Houli to launch the French-language newspaper Le Progres around 1926. Houli was the proprietor and Sam Modiano was the editor. At the outset the paper had great financial difficulties because of competition with the long-established afternoon daily L’Indepandant, which commanded great prestige. After

Lea Gottlieb, the Israeli swimwear fashion designer who survived the Holocaust, died on November 17 in Tel Aviv. She was 94.

Born in Sajószentpéter, Hungary, she was planning to study chemistry. During Germany’s occupation of Hungary in the mid-1940s, her husband Armin was shipped to a labor camp. Gottlieb hid from the Nazis in Sajószentpéter and Budapest, moving from one hiding place to another with her daughters Miriam and Judith.At checkpoints, she hid her head in a bouquet of flowers to

Former Senator Arlen Spector passed away over the weekend, after a long battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was 82.Arlen Specter, the former Pennsylvania senator who switched from the GOP to the Democratic Party, died at his home in Philadelphia on October 14.

The cause was complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, his son Shanin said. Specter had previously fought Hodgkin’s disease and survived a brain tumor and heart bypass surgery.

A moderate Republican, Specter often dissented from his party’s platforms, supporting abortion rights, affirmative action, and most gay rights issues, although he was opposed to

Vladka Meed, a courier and weapons smuggler for the Jewish resistance in Poland during World War II, died Nov. 21 at her daughter’s home in Paradise Valley, Arizona She was 90. She died after a steady decline from Alzheimer’s disease, said her son, Dr. Steven Meed.

Born Feigele Peltel in Warsaw on Dec. 29, 1921, she took the Polish nickname Vladka. After Germany invaded Poland in 1939, she and hundreds of thousands of other Jews were systematically rounded up and forced into a squalid Warsaw

Renowned lyricist Hal David (A”H). Even if you don’t recognize the name, there’s a good chance you know his work.Four weeks after the death of Marvin Hamlisch, the music world has lost another Jewish legend. Hal David, whose partnership with Burt Bacharach produced some of the most memorable pop songs of the last fifty years, died at age 91 on September 1 from a stroke in Los Angeles.

Harold Lane David was born in New York City to Gedalier and Lina (née Goldberg) David, Austrian-Jewish immigrants who owned a deli in Brooklyn. David’s older brother Mack became a successful songwriter first, writing “I Don’t Care if