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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, October 21, 2017

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On Friday August 11, the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association along with two Orthodox Jewish NY residents filed a federal lawsuit against the New Jersey town of Mahwah for blocking their attempts to build an ‘eruv’ with white plastic piping. An eruv is a Jewish orthodox practice, utilizing thin poles and string around the boarders of cities or towns to grant them religious permission to walk freely, carry things and push baby carriages on Shabbat. The Orthodox Jewish community group says the town

This summer 11 deaths were reported due to drowning on the Jersey Shore. Each year, rip currents are responsible for one to three New Jersey deaths, as per the National Weather Service. But in the past two months, they have already claimed five lives. “The only year with more rip-current deaths is 2008, when there were six deaths” the whole year, says meteorologist Sarah Johnson. In a recent article in the NY Post, experts searching for a culprit in the tragic trend have pointed to rougher surf