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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, April 24, 2017

Arts & Culture

In "Genesis of the Palestinian Authority" journalist David Bedein who runs the Israel Resource News Agency and the Center for Near East Policy Research, takes us inside the world of the Palestinian Authority, which Bedein has covered for the past 23 years, since the day of its inception in 1994. The book is also masterfully edited by Holocaust historian and noted writer, Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg.

Here are a number of topics that Bedein’s book and research shed light upon:


JAHM’s 2017 theme is American Jews in Medical Research

Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM), a national commemoration of the contributions that Americans Jews have made to the fabric of our nation’s history, culture, and society, announces the theme for the May 2017 celebration. This year, JAHM celebrates Americans Jews who have made a significant impact in the field of medical research. Now in its 12th year, JAHM encourages people of all backgrounds to learn about and draw

In ‘One More Light,’ Thalia Hakin essay focuses on the mitzvah of Shabbat candles

More than a year ago, Thalia Hakin wrote an essay for a contest on the importance of lighting the Shabbat candles.

“When you light up a candle you light up your neshama [soul]. And you light up the world. And when you light up the world you make it a better place. Like for you and me and everybody. Now the world is dark but soon to be bright for us. And im yirtze Hashem [G d willing] Moshiach will come.”