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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Arts & Culture

The true story of a prolific publisher killed tragically at 33 and his daughter’s life mission to redeem his literary enterprise from oblivion

Atop many an Israeli garden wall, you’re likely to find a stack of books placed there by someone cleaning out clutter and hoping that some lover of literature will give the books a new home. It was on such a wall that one kind soul found two books whose lurid jackets caught her eye – much as the publisher intended in the 1950s, when the books were new.

That publisher was Yosef Cohen. His company, HaSifriya HaYisraelit (The Israeli Library) managed to put out about 100 titles between 1949 and 1956, before Cohen was killed in the 1956 Sinai Campaign at the age of 33. Through the magic of the

You don’t need to be a scholar of Jewish music to enjoy Velvel Pasternak’s new book, “Behind the Music: Stories, Anecdotes, Articles & Reflections.” You just need to be someone who wants to learn about the adventures of the author, a man who has done more than anyone else in our time to discover, record and transmit the treasures of Hasidic music. 

Velvel, as everyone calls him, tells wonderful stories about his experiences—stories that will make you laugh, but also help you learn what

When reviewing the relationship between Lubavitch and Satmar since 1946, the year the Satmar Rebbe arrived on American soil, one realizes that mistakes, misunderstandings and at times intentional accusations were at the center of the two groups.

Today, Satmar and Lubavitch enjoy a healthier relationship. This book dispels, clarifies and organizes what is what, who is who and when is when, and most importantly shows that the Lubavitcher and Satmar Rebbes wanted their followers to be respectful of

Icarus, a new documentary on Netflix about Russian doping scandals, tells a story of Olympic cheating so widespread and comprehensive that its progenitor explained how it came to be by invoking George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Filmmaker Bryan Fogel set out to explore how doping affects amateur cycling and ended up sheltering the runaway mastermind of Russia's state-run doping apparatus. Grigory Rodchenkov was both the primary operator of Russia’s clandestine system and also the leaker

Visitors to the Frick Collection in New York City will likely be familiar with the magnificent Self Portrait (1658) of Rembrandt that hangs in the main gallery. The artist presents himself as an imposing father-figure, like some patriarch of old. His dress is formal, and utterly distinctive – a gold apron, a red sash – while his prominent and imposing hands proclaim his trade. And yet beneath that intimidating, almost royal, exterior is an unmistakable vulnerability, a strength borne of