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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Arts & Culture

Robert Spencer delivers another indispensable book

What would we do without Robert Spencer? In over a dozen definitive books, and on his invaluable Jihad Watch website, he has served as a one-man truth squad on the subject of Islam, providing readers with lucid, cogent accounts of the belief system itself, of the Koran, of jihad, and of the life of Muhammed. In Stealth Jihad (2008), he described the ways in which Islamic law is being forced upon America, subverting the nation's constitutional freedoms in aggressive but peaceful and even, at times, seemingly reasonable ways. Now, in The Complete Infidel's Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), he looks at the same phenomenon from the other side – providing a compendious if not

Following UNESCO’s controversial decision to rename the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, celebrated documentary maker Pierre Rehov has announced his latest and yet another remarkable piece of work, ‘Unveiling Jerusalem’. Illustrated by never seen before images and 3D animations as well as testimonies from clerics, politicians and experts, the film will soon be available to the public on multiple networks.

‘Unveiling Jerusalem’ is not merely another documentary, but a valuable visual document that shows the intimate

In “Menashe,” which debuts nationally July 28, director Joshua Weinstein has delicately crafted a work that emanates a rarely seen authenticity, tenderness and depth sadly lacking in other mainstream films about Hasidic Jews and their communities.

A Hasidic father named Menashe, who works long hours in a small grocery store in Brooklyn, struggling to make ends meet, has lost his young wife Lea to illness. Their sole child Rieven, an adolescent, has also become suddenly bereft of his beloved

Bay Street Theater is pleased to announce a “Pay What You Can” performance for AS YOU LIKE IT, a comedy by William Shakespeare, directed by Tony Award winner John Doyle, with original music by Stephen Schwartz, on Thursday, August 8 at 7 pm. A limited amount of “Pay What You Can” tickets will be available that day at the Box Office beginning at 11 am. Tickets can only be purchased in person. For tickets to other performances, call the the Box Office at 631-725-9500 11 am – show time daily or

"Milo was put on this planet to teach conservatives that fear is the enemy of freedom, and that mockery and flippancy are Kryptonite to the left."

Editor's Note: Friday evening, July 14, the David Horowitz Freedom Center hosted a book launch for Dangerous, the debut political manifesto by flamboyant conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos. Although self-published after Milo's book deal was rescinded by a cowardly Simon & Schuster in the face of pressure from the left, Dangerous now stands