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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, May 27, 2017

Arts & Culture

From H.G. Wells and Lenin, W. E. B. Du Bois and Mao, Sartre and Stalin to Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Castro, tyrants capture the leftist intellectual imagination more than anything else. Remaking the world in accord with abstract theories is the great project of the left and who better to accomplish that task while disregarding laws, individual resistance and human nature than a ruthless tyrant?

The intellectuals of the left believe in the absolute necessity of radical change. As Churchill anecdotally said to the dowager, everything else is a matter of discussing the price. Tyranny is the vice of leftectuals because the tyrant is a towering figure who promises to realize their dreams. Like the terrorists and criminals they celebrate, he

Ever since Michael Kagan, 60, was a boy growing up in the U.K., each detail of his father’s escape from a Nazi labor camp has ricocheted through his mind and heart. Now, in his new documentary “Tunnel of Hope,” the son is sharing his father’s story with the world.

It’s a story that Jack Kagan had fought to keep alive, recording not only the escape, but the murders of the vast majority of the Jews of Novogrudok—a city in Belarus—who were dead long before that fateful night.

I have questions about some of the subjects that have been chosen for the Jewish Lives book series from Yale University Press. I wonder what Sarah Bernhardt or Benjamin Disraeli or Groucho Marx would think if they found out that they were featured in a series of biographies about significant Jews. But I must admit that the writers chosen to produce these books are first rate, and they enable us to see their subjects in a whole new way.

Such is the case with Avner Holtzman’s new biography

The signature foods of Passover will be celebrated in a display of four rare Hebrew manuscripts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, beginning April 10. For three months, the Farissol Haggadah, Graziano Haggadah, and Gallico Siddur will be on view at The Met Fifth Avenue, while the Prato Haggadah will be shown at The Met Cloisters. Ranging in date from 1300 to 1515, these four illuminated books offer a glimpse of the Passover tables of medieval and Renaissance Jews in Spain and Italy. Each

The duel between leavened and unleavened bread is the plot of a delightful story for children in which good triumphs over evil and the Seder takes place after all

Doesn't everyone know that on the days preceding the Passover holiday, challah (Sabbath bread) crumbs are household enemy number one?

Well, in a charming just-published short children's book "Challah vs. Matza" written by Melissa Berg, author of "The Challah that Took over the House," and colorfully illustrated by Sheila Alejandro (Eclectic