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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Arts & Culture

Folksbiene Launches Project to Rescue Lost Songs and Music

It will be a night of solid gold as the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene (NYTF) honors Golden Globe nominee and Tony Award winner Liev Schreiber at its “Golden Gala” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place, on Monday, December 12th, 7pm.

Inspired by the resounding success of NYTF’s recent hit musical, “The Golden Bride,” the Gala will launch a worldwide initiative of identifying and restoring lost and forgotten works of the Yiddish Theatre canon.

The widely praised Off Broadway production of “The Golden Bride” — itself a restoration of a nearly lost hit operetta by Joseph Rumshinsky that was last performed in New York in the late 1940s — was nominated for two Drama

Valentine, a British Methodist pastor and teacher who taught in Saudi Arabia, has written a useful book about the desert kingdom. Most interesting is its exploration of how the monarchy is "the single greatest force in spreading Islamic fundamentalism"; it "has spent as much as $100 billion to spread Wahhabism in the West," yet "America and Britain have been, and are continuing to be, implicit supporters of Wahhabism."

Valentine discusses the background of how this "unholy alliance" came

New Book Explores The Final Days Of Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen

In 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen was at the pinnacle of her profession.

She was a real-life Lois Lane, a woman who since the 1930s had earned acclaim as a daring reporter and columnist in the cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking, male-dominated world of daily newspapers. Her journalistic fame even landed her gigs as a celebrated radio talk show host and a panelist on CBS’s popular TV show What’s My Line?

But on Nov. 8, 1965, the intrepid

Presents first comprehensive analysis of how jazz has been used to explore Jewish experience

Jazz history includes numerous contributions from Jewish artists, from Benny Goodman to John Zorn, who have played a major role in the development of the music from its birth in New Orleans to the present day. However, there has been little examination of why so many Jewish musicians gravitated to jazz or how they used the music to explore Jewish identity and experience.

Jews and Jazz: Improvising

Satirical songfest enables kids to learn Yiddish painlessly

To renew a cherished Hannukah tradition, National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene (NYTF) will present "Kids & Yiddish," a musical theatrical funfest that teaches Yiddish to kids primarily through songs and song parodies. The show gleefully mixes Jewish folk traditions with popular culture and satirizes some of the latest fads on TV, all the while cleverly weaving in Yiddish words and phrases. A protean piece, which continually