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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Arts & Culture

Premises Unavailable Due to JCC Bankruptcy

After five years of producing award-winning community musicals and much-needed programming including outstanding film festivals, jazz concerts, classical music events, Jewish community commemorations, Israeli culture, youth programming and so much more, the Axelrod Performing Arts Center (APAC) has gone dark after the final performance of the musical “Cabaret“ on November 18, 2012. The building that once was the flourishing Ruth Hyman Jewish Community Center (JCC), which houses the magnificent APAC theatre, must be closed as per Ocean Township and the court-appointed trustee due to code-violations and repairs that are required. The JCC remains in bankruptcy and the facilities will soon be up for

Philip Roth, one of the leading novelists of his generation, has announced he is retiring from writing. Roth, 78, told Les Inrocks last month, “To tell you the truth, I’m done. Nemesis[published in 2010] will be my last book.” His publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, confirmed his retirement. “He said it was true,” said Lori Glazer, vice president and executive director of publicity.

Roth’s books dealt with themes relating to modern Jewish life. Among his best-known works are Goodbye

Alma Deutscher, a seven-year-old girl of Israeli-British citizenship has captured thousands of ears after composing an entire opera, The Sweeper of Dreams.

At first glance, one can immediately see the keen intelligence in her eyes, though it’s contrasted by her pink dress, pigtails and the small stack of books she uses as a foot stool when playing the piano. Born in 2005, Alma resides in Surrey, England, with her Israeli-born father, Guy, who is a highly regarded linguist, and her mother

Estee Lauder's luxurious jewels will be up for auction.On December 5, the famed auction house Sotheby’s is honored to offer exceptional diamonds and signed jewels from the collections of Estée Lauder and Evelyn H. Lauder, sold to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization founded and championed by Evelyn Lauder. Highlighting the Lauder jewels are two particularly special diamonds: a beautiful Fancy Intense Pink diamond ring of 6.54 carats and a heart-shaped Fancy Intense Yellow diamond of 47.14 carats, set in a diamond necklace

Alex Clare has managed to combine a popular music career with an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle.Anyone who hears the current hit song “Too Close” on the radio would certainly think that its singer – Alex Clare – has a fine performing voice with a uniquely attention-grabbing intensity.

But they would most likely never have reason to think that Clare is Jewish, and moreover, that he is a fully practicing Orthodox Jew.

“Too Close” is currently the seventh most popular song in the United States, and Clare’s accompanying music video has thus far received more than 18 million hits on YouTube