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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Breaking News

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that “Occupy Wall Street” protesters will be allowed to return to a downtown park where they have camped out for the past two months, but they will not be allowed to bring tents or sleeping bags back in.
Bloomberg spoke Tuesday, after police cleared Zuccotti Park of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in the pre-dawn hours. Bloomberg said the park was cleared for cleaning and because the proliferation of tents and sleeping bags created a fire hazard.
Bloomberg said just under 200 people were arrested in the early-morning action, when a large team of police officers wearing helmets and carrying shields forced hundreds of protesters to evacuate. Workers then tore down temporary dwellings and hauled

The Jewish Federations’ General Assembly (GA) in the Mile-High city was a refreshing glimpse at the future of Jewish leadership. Young participation has made the event intensely relevant again, with the Jewish Twitterati sending live updates from both serious sessions and social hot spots.
The Jewish Agency has undergone a renewal as well, bringing Israel to Jews at a whole new level of resolution. A striking photographic retrospective of Ethiopian Aliyah reminded us what we can do when we