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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen here addressing the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference. My dear American legislators and American friends,

Shalom! This afternoon, I come to you with greetings from the citizens of Israel, your sister or brother nation, whatever is politically correct, with a message and a plea for your actions to keep this world safe from an atomic catastrophe.

For the past seventy years, ever since the explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has been sitting on pins and needles, worrying about the future misuse of such a weapon of mass destruction. Under America's leadership and control we have been spared such an unthinkable disaster. During President Kennedy's confrontation with Nikita Krushchev in 1961, only the strength and perseverance of your nation kept the world from self immolation

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was indicted by a federal grand jury on fraud and extortion charges on Thursday, February 19, in Manhattan. In Manhattan, on Thursday, February 19, a federal grand jury voted to indict Sheldon Silver on the charges of extortion and fraud that were the cause of his fall from the position of State Assembly Speaker and the basis of his arrest last month. On January 22, Silver was arrested on a five-count criminal complaint, in which he was alleged to have participated in two bribery and kickback schemes. In the United States District Courthouse in Manhattan, he was indicted on three-counts, including

Dozens of policemen, heavily armed and with riot gear making their way toward the Kosher supermarket. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

A second hostage crisis is unfolding in Paris, French police announced to the media Friday afternoon: Two armed people, reportedly a man and woman, have taken hostages in a kosher grocery store in the French capital.

According to French media, one or two people have been shot and killed at the Hypercasher supermarket in Vincennes with a Kalashnikov-type rifle. At least five hostages have been taken.

"There are at least two dead, maybe more, but for the moment we don't know," a source told

Police armed with riot gear storm kosher supermarket in Paris, where hostages are being held by armed assailants.

Three tense days in France have come to an end, but not without tragedy, as five people were killed, including the gunman, and four were left critically wounded after a hostage drama in eastern Paris ended with a police assault on Friday, January 9, AFP reports.

Gunfire erupted as police stormed the Hypercasher supermarket, where at least one armed assailant had seized hostages in Porte de Vincennes on the edge of the city. It was not immediately clear if the casualties occurred during the

Ibolya Ryan was a Hungarian-born and Romanian-raised kindergarten teacher and the divorced mother of two 11 year-old twin boys, Adam and Aiden.


On December 1st, a figure in a black burqa, armed with an eight-inch knife, entered the upscale Boutik shopping mall located in Reem Island, the neighborhood where most of Abu Dhabi's 40,000 expatriates live. The black burqa'ed figure waited for more than an hour in a woman's toilet—then stabbed the first white blonde infidel American woman who came in to use the facilities six times until she was dead. Then, with the possible help of two other women, the mysterious black burqa'ed figure