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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, April 30, 2017

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An interview with a senior commander in the Gaza Division reveals how the IDF strikes down terrorists, in real time, as they attempt to launch rockets at Israel. “Without us, many more rockets would have been fired, endangering millions of Israelis.”

Throughout Operation Protective Edge, the IDF struck hundreds of terrorists who were caught firing rockets at Israel. Many of them were struck right before launching, others were targeted after the act. Nevertheless, the IDF’s real-time intelligence and pinpoint striking abilities made it very difficult for terrorists to fire rockets at Israel without being targeted.

“Without us, many more rockets would have been fired.”

The senior commander in the Gaza Division told us about his main

The Israel Missile Defense Organization and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency conducted an intercept test of the Arrow 2 interceptor missile on Tuesday morning, September 9. The test, which took place over the Mediterranean Sea, oversaw the capabilities of the Arrow 2, the latest version of the air defense system designed to stop long-range missile threats, alongside the Iron Dome.

“An Arrow 2 missile was launched and performed its flight sequence as planned. The results are being analyzed by

The American journalist Steven Sotloff's beheading was confirmed on Tuesday night, September 2, in a video released by the Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria. Sotloff's roots in Israel began in Herzliya, where he was an optimistic government student at the Interdisciplinary Center. The Foreign Ministry allowed for the fact that he was a citizen of Israel to be publicized on Wednesday afternoon, September 3.

Sotloff, a Jewish Miami native, went to Israel in 2008 to obtain his

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned on Thursday against cuts to the defense budget.

“The Middle East is changing. The great armies have been replaced by bloodthirsty terrorist groups, that are skilled and trained, and armed from head to toe not only with weapons but also with ideology that challenges the world order and the West and its culture," said Ya’alon.

Operation Protective Edge, just like the Second Lebanon War, highlighted the fact that Israel is dealing with terrorist groups that

Last week, CNN President Jeff Zucker told employees during a call-in at a news meeting, “We are going to do less and have to do with less.”

Zucker did not say out right that there are layoffs scheduled, but sources say Zucker is contemplating 500 cuts. He acknowledged that the move for CNN was “difficult”; CNN has been fighting an uphill battle to return to its former prominent top spot among the cable news networks.

After the call-in with Zucker, CEO of Turner Broadcasting, CNN’s parent