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Sandro Rosell
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

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Thompson, who almost beat Bloomberg last time around, bails from the race. Despite strong rhetoric on his plans to take the fight to the finish. Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson has announced his decision to throw in the campaign towel. He has decided, along with Governor Cuomo, to place his support behind his former rival Bill De Blasio.

“It would be a disservice to my supporters, a disservice to Democrats and most of all, a disservice to the people of New York City, who are desperate for new direction after 12 long years,” Thompson said.

“Let me be crystal clear: every single vote should and must be counted. But Bill de Blasio and I want to move our city forward in the same direction.”

Thompson, who early polls indicated as coming in second in the Democratic primaries, initially planned on waiting for all the

Public Advocate Bill deBlasio was victorious over such opponents as Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson in the Democratic race for mayor of New York City.It has been an exciting election season for not only the candidates but the voters as well. There were a lot of options to choose from who to elect in the various New York City office. The primary was held on September 10, 2013.

Here are the election results. Please remember the votes will be recounted:

New York City Mayor Position to be filled.

As of now, it looks like Bill de Blasio won the Democratic primary by 40.3% of the vote. If de Blasio got 40% of the vote, he would have had a

Seen here with her husband, Asma al-Assad is an entirely Westernized woman who enjoys an opulent lifestyleAs the bloody war in Syria continues to rage on, the country’s first lady, Asma al-Assad, continues to live her glamorous lifestyle. Elegant, poised, and ever so trendy, Mrs. Assad has been called the Middle East’s answer to Jackie Kennedy. But it is a smiling face that attempts to mask the evil of her husband.

While the Assads current whereabouts are uncertain (it assumed they have left Syria), she nonetheless is still trying to put forth an image that clashes with the brutal regime of her

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio pictured here with his wife and son upon first announcing his candidacy for mayor of New York CityOn the eve of primary day, a Quinnipiac University poll shows that an unusually large bloc of undecided voters could push Public Advocate Bill de Blasio over the 40 percent mark in the New York City Democratic primary for mayor.  If he does not receive 40 percent, he will likely face either former City Comptroller William Thompson or City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in an Oct. 1 runoff.

De Blasio leads among likely Democratic primary voters with 39 percent, followed by 25 percent for

Bloomberg denied the report that he tried to convince Kelly to run.According to a report by the Daily News, Mayor Bloomberg tried to convince top cop Ray Kelly, a close confidante, to run in the NYC mayoral election. In fact, Bloomberg even went so far as to finance a secret poll to demonstrate to the commissioner how good his chances would be if he were to enter the fray.

“In early June, the mayor, according to two Bloomberg advisers, was sympathetic to an effort by some of his supporters to draw Ray Kelly into the race,” author Ken Auletta wrote in an