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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Shake Shack is apparently popular, not only among those who enjoy the hamburgers, fries, shakes, and variety of other items on the menu, but among those looking to make quick money on Wall Street. The dining establishment is finding itself targeted by “short sellers” on the open market, which is making Shake Shack look bad to potential investors.  To be fair, the company has been experiencing financial difficulties, which is attracting the aforementioned “bears” from the market.

Shake Shack was founded in 2004 by Danny Meyer, a restaurateur, as a hamburger stand in Madison Square known for being without any bells and whistles that one may find at other such eating establishments.  It went public to investors in 2015.  And, for the last

The Bank of Israel has revised its 2017 full-year forecast upward to expected growth of 3.4 percent on the back of revised export forecasts and an improvement in world trade. The figure is up from a previous forecast of 2.7%, but still lower than the 4% growth achieved in 2016.

The BOI said that after a long period in which private consumption drove growth, there were increasing signs of a return to more balanced growth in the economy, with both exports and investments contributing. It said

Warren Buffet, the 86-year-old investor has once again proven that he remains a primary model of how to invest.  Back in August 2011, Bank of America was struggling after the financial crisis.  While most investors abandoned their positions, Berkshire Hathaway, led by the Omaha Billionaire, stepped forward with a $5 billion investment in the bank’s preferred shares.  Shares were down 30 percent to $7.14 per share, at the time of his purchase. The investment paid off a 6 percent dividend

Following the revelation that CNN published fake news about the Trump administration and its alleged ties to Russia after an investigation by Breitbart News, the next head to roll at the embattled media company may be President Jeff Zucker.

“AT&T will look to ‘neutralize’ CNN President Jeff Zucker after it buys Time Warner,” the New York Post reported on Wednesday.

“The buzz from the telecommunications giant comes as CNN is being slammed for highly publicized missteps, according to three

Mark Gordon, managing partner of Tribeca Associates, is out to raise roughly $500 million in debt and equity for a new venture. The fund, named Intrinsic Hotel Capital, will be focused on hotels. As reported by the Real Deal, Gordon is partnering with Joe Vassallo of Brooklyn, the former Managing director at Deutsche Bank and Natixis. The newly launched investment fund aims to purchase approximately 10 hotels in the country over the next two years. They will be open to consider both