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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, July 20, 2017


Alice Ruth, Michael Bloomberg’s long-time money manager, has stepped down. For most of the decade she has served as the chief investment officer for Willett Advisors LLC, Bloomberg’s multi -billion dollar family office, which manages his personal and philanthropic investments. As per the WSJ, Mrs. Ruth left what she called her “ultimate career opportunity”, and is contemplating other money-management positions in the vast world of opportunities. 

Late last year Ms. Ruth, a Dartmouth alumnus, began speaking with Steve Rattner about stepping down from her role, and it was made official as of January 1. She had left the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in 2008 to help establish Willett, along with Mr. Ratner and a few others. Now she is

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the drama around Wall Street firm Lebenthal will soon be concluded. 

The firm’s founders’ granddaughter Alexandra Lebenthal is reportedly ready to close, as early as this month, on a deal to sell the former municipal bond firm. InvestmentNews reports, “Lebenthal Holdings currently consists of a capital-markets unit that underwrites corporate bonds and an asset management unit. It sold the municipal bond business in 2014. While Ms. Lebenthal

Free clinic at IDC Herzliya gives future lawyers exposure to underserved populations and gives new entrepreneurs help with all their legal needs.

Alon Moreshet is excited about the beta launch of his startup Guiderr, an online platform matching travelers with local tour guides who share their interests. The concept could not have become a reality, he tells ISRAEL21c, without free legal assistance from the IDC Legal Clinic for Start-Ups.

The first clinic of its kind in Israel has a unique

Magal Security Systems, an Israeli defense and security firm, expects to make money off of a Donald Trump Presidency. The company hopes to win a bid to help build the Trump Wall.

It was Donald Trump’s first and most important campaign promise. He said from the beginning that he would build a wall along the American border with Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants from south of the U.S. border.

Many people wondered who exactly would build such a wall if it would ever get built. Some still

Tel Aviv startup's visual search technologies that make images interactive to bolster eBay's buyer experience.

eBay has announced its acquisition of Corrigon, a Tel Aviv-based pioneer of visual search technologies. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed but reports put the purchase at under $30 million.

Corrigon has created image recognition software that helps identify objects within an image. The e-commerce giant is going to use this technology to match images to products.